Environmental Management
Environmental Policy

The Management of Centa Business services are committed to developing a culture of environmental awareness so that “green” attitudes become part of Centa’s way of life.

We believe that, in order to continue to conduct business in the future, companies need to make every effort to search for sustainable and renewable sources for products and reserves. Until these can be secured we have an obligation towards future generations to prevent misuse and abuse wherever possible.

We will do this by:

Responsible purchasing – assessing supplies and obtain eco-friendly options and encouraging
   suppliers to use recycled or renewable resources

Managing energy – improving efficiency and reducing consumption

Managing waste – encouraging staff to reduce waste levels, re-use and recycle materials
   whenever possible

Raising awareness of “green” issues among staff, clients and contractors

Additional Environmental Information

Compliance with relevant environmental legislation

Centa Business Services has been awarded the Green Mark environmental accreditation. We are committed to developing a culture of environmental awareness amongst our staff and suppliers.

We comply with all necessary and relevant legislation relating to green issues such as minimising pollution, effectively managing/reducing waste and water as well as an ongoing commitment to recycling and sustainable energy sources.

The level of importance we place on this is illustrated by the fact that our Managing Director is responsible for driving this initiative.

Pollution prevention:

Centa does not produce any materials or products that emit air, water or land pollution, however we are committed to reducing pollution in other areas. An example would be our policy towards corporate/business transport and the encouragement of staff to use public transport.

Waste management:

Centa Business services does not produce hazardous waste.

Centa Business Services actively promote the reuse/recycling of products and materials, examples include:

Recycling bins for all non-confidential waste paper

Recycled paper use

Central co-ordinator who is responsible for reusing and reallocating stationary supplies
   where appropriate

Tight stock control on purchasing to avoid/eliminate excess waste

Energy efficiency: Including conservation by energy saving measures

Centa Business Services Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring the effective use of energy and regularly monitors consumption to avoid excess waste and to conserve resources.

Reducing the environmental impact of goods and services consumed by the company

As mentioned above, all purchasing and stock control is managed and monitored centrally to ensure that resources are allocated effectively and to reduce waste and excess expenditure.

Recycling and reuse of materials is encouraged and carried out wherever feasible.

Responsible purchasing – assessing supplies and obtain eco-friendly options and encouraging suppliers to use recycled or renewable resources

Communication of the policy to staff

Policy is communicated to all staff during their initial Induction Training programme with Centa.

Centa encourages staff to adopt a “green”, ethical and environmentally approach in all aspects of business.