Our specialist advisers:
Centa has a range of specialist consultants that can answer your specific queries. Their skills encompass areas such as helping with business planning and securing finance through to helping clients achieve business growth. For further information about each of our advisers please see our people section.

Send and receive messages to our advisers:
To send an enquiry to our advisers simply type in your enquiry into the message box and press send. You will receive an alert email when our adviser replies to your message. You then simply click on the link in the email, log in to your account and read the reply from our adviser. Please note that for security reasons we will NOT send the reply from the adviser to your email address.

Check FAQs & Fact sheets
Before you ask our advisers we encourage you to check our FAQs and Fact sheets to see whether you can find the answer to your enquiry. More often than not you will find what you are looking for in these very useful downloadable documents.

Ensure that you ask the correct adviser:
To speed help us speed up the process of replying to your message, please ensure that you send your enquiry to the most appropriate business adviser. For example, if you have a question related to grants or loans then go to the Finance section, or if you have a question related to branding then visit the Marketing section.

Messages stored in your Centa membership account can be archived for future reference or deleted based on your preference.

Message limit of per 24 hours:
Due to the high demand of queries on our Advisers, all members are only allowed to send a maximum of 3 messages per 24 hours